Abandoned Stuff

A nice view. Probably when it was active it was blocked by buildings.

Abandoned music.

There's a nice back area behind the building.

Emptied out hillside.

Demolished around this tree.

There were a few more buildings tucked down here.

Keep the gate closed due to dog.

Nice wallpaper.


Here's the way in and out.

At another abandoned neighbourhood, I found the way in guarded by this beast.

Click for larger panorama.

And yet another abandoned area, which has lost a lot of buildings but still has some.

This fence used to border the secret playground.

Looks like one of those houses still has residents.

If there is anyone in that shack, they don't care if people are here.

A look at underground pipes.

The layers of a road.

Abandoned rollerblades.

Parking warning, collapse danger.

I saw this Hello Kitty chair down in an inaccessible alley.

Well, not easily accessible.

Great, now where do I go?

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