Circus Cats Circus Cats

Millie inspects the new thing on the terrace.

Buster shows somewhat more interest.

Still not sure he gets it.

I looked out the window later, and Buster was sitting in the tent.

Coming out for kisses.

Circus lion.

Buster goes back inside.

Coming out.

Millie breakdances.

Buster does his contortion act.

Back in the tent again.

These little bugs are all over my tree. At first I thought they were ladybugs, which would be good because they're insectivores, and I even thought I saw one eating another bug, but I'm not so sure.

Millie and the flamingo.

There were also a few of these little larvae-looking things.

Close to a unicorn cat.

Millie and Buster relaxing.

A wary look.

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