Byeongjin and Jiyeon Wedding

Getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Probably setting his chest-mounted GoPro to record.

He goes first.

Then she goes.

A reputable-looking bunch.

Anyway, let's get a look at this place's roof.

Decent view.

That thing is pretty fake as far as facades go.

Climbing up inside it.

Not the sketchiest ladder I've seen.

Time to take the stairs down.

Lancing the lighting fixtures.

Group pictures start.

I ran into Jiwoong and his family.

Min-keun looking kilty as always.

How you know it's the right door.

Time for the big group picture.

Time for me to jump in.

Bouquet time. They've already chosen who will catch it.

The throw.

We punished the buffet after.

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