A big blue machine in front of the Hanji Factory.

Ghostly figures making Hanji.

Now time for full-sized, living people to try.

Next, Jeonju bibimbap.

Seen from a nearby roof.

Click for a full-size panorama.

There are humbler neighbourhoods up the hill.

There is quite an extensive mural village up there.

We followed this woman a while.

Not enough time to see the rest of the area.

Lots of girls are posing by crouching down in the flowers. Not sure they know what it looks like they're doing.

We went looking for food in Nambu Market but didn't find anything too promising.

Ajummas waiting for the bus.

Jeonju Station.

The platform is in the process of being extended to KTX-size.

Do not go over there with large poles.

On the train.

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