GBN Show with 18 Bands

First was Octopoulpe.

Next was Tear Gas.

Jinyong is watching the counter to see how much time they have.

Now he's eating their music.

Now he's hijacking their instruments.

Next was an act called One Last Fuck.

He did take a few swings at people that looked pretty hard.

Then it was time for Tokki Jot. I only got one picture unfortunately.

Here's the list.

They transitioned to Yuppie Killer next due to the shared members.

Crawler, probably the least heavy band of the night, played very good garage punk that actually lived up to the name.

Time to start looking for that spot.

Everyone's pointing where they think the spot is.

Is that the spot on Jinyong's head?

Next was Spot the Find, a tribute band?

At some point, possibly now, Spot the Find gave way to Ranban.

No Shelter, I think.

DFTS, Kiseok's one-time band that I thought was an April Fools' Day joke.

Yes, it's easiest photographing drummers here.

I missed Little Puppy Princess because I was outside talking to them.

I think this is Japcho.

They played musical instrument musical chairs.

Time for the Kitsches.


Apparently Ksana was just Yongman on drums for less than ten seconds.

So this is probably Bamseom Pirates now.

Scumraid set up in record time, maybe four minutes.

And the ten minutes are up.

Jeong-woo can't get enough of the music.

Group photo outside.

Good, I would've been freaked out to run into a goat at this hour.

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