This building has been standing abandoned for longer than my archives go back.

Other things are being destroyed though.

Lots of cars parked here.

Rubble leading up several floors.

Growing from the ruins.

This giant Buddha statue is under renovation. Looks climbable.

Mushrooms in Gangnam.

I found a large lot where fairly big apartments were being torn down.

Not that visible, but they're tearing it down behind that blanket.

The stuff in the middle.

Looks precarious.

More construction in the distance. That may signify the eastern edge of the city.

This is the section that is basically abandoned.

No residents left.

Considering how amicable the redevelopment project has seemed, some rooms had a lot of stuff remaining.

Interesting kitchen door.

Hiding a stripper pole! Units above and below didn't need this.

Abandoned cat house.

Abandoned mirror and drawers.

Looking out a window.

Lots of moving companies.

We are tall.

This was a playschool.

Who would want an old wooden platform like this inside?

Up on the roof.

Click for full-size panorama.

There must be a stray cat around.

These two puns will not translate well into English.

Seen from the outside. I guess next time I visit there'll be a fence here.

Nearby, I found a big open area with an elevated road running through.

It was pretty interesting underneath.

Pocari Sweat, anyone?

There's just a big unused field over there.

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