Yongsan Food Tent Village

This is what I saw peering in through the east side.

It was shuttered like this.

This was one of the businesses for people passing by.

Looking inside a wide open side gate.

Relocation plan.

I managed to find a way inside.

Wish I'd gone to this place with the guitar and apparently salmon.


A guy walked past but didn't look my way.

Inside the guitar bar.


The place is dwarfed by larger buildings in almost every direction.


No lonely chairs here.

Shrine to Cola Satan.

Soju Satan.

This was our usual hangout, as I can tell by the makgeolli bottles.

Garbage guitar.

Garbage beer mugs.

They'll get along plenty fine in your gut.

A slightly higher vantage.

I'm assuming they were former business owners rather than scavengers.

The way to the new area.


Here's the new entrance.

It's being set up right now.

Pretty humble. But maybe cleaner.

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