March 1 Independence Movement Day

The world's largest inflatable sex slave. Hmm, maybe they didn't quite think that one through.

The underside of Naebu Expressway, somewhere up by Gireum.

There's the lower entrance to the Jeongneung Tunnel.

Lots of weird little side passages here.

Good idea, Saenuri stooge: never explore tunnels alone.

Further downstream, I came across this area with a small neighbourhood overlooking the stream.

There, is that a decisive moment? No.

Decisive moment? No.

That off-ramp beckoned to me and the "Carpe DM" bus seemed to be urging me to go for it too.

I got both of these pictures in the snow last time.

I like the Cheonggyecheon Museum.

Those old houses are part of the museum.

This is from the museum roof, where they were very careful I couldn't go anywhere to get better pictures.

The one picture I got inside.

Click for panorama A and panorama B.

Crossing under the overpass.

Decisive moment?

Well, relaxing moment.

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