Amsterdam Faya Allstars

The first band was Oriental Showcus.

Sugar pays it forward, crashing their act like Gyeong-rok did the day before.

Very oddly, her outfit reminded me of one very stylish woman I photographed in Pyongyang six years ago. Unfortunately that one's in the Joseonminjujuiinmindecline collection and doesn't go online.

Their keyboardist doubled as trombonist.

For part of the set they let the male members come to the front.

Next was Kingston Rudieska, who played a lot of their slower songs.

Yes, lots of Jeongseok.

A saxophone duet with one saxophone.

Remco seemed impressed seeing his face on this big screen.

Here's Amsterdam Faya Allstars.

Still the most relaxed member.

For the encore, they promised one song for each second of sustained screaming the crowd could pull off.

At the very end, they called the members of the other two bands onstage.

He's being distracted by a camera phone.

Make that two.

Group photos at the end.

We all went out for pig feet after. I don't think anyone ever told the band what we were eating. Well, I ordered bossam, anyway.

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