Captain Rock Birthday Party

There are large banners of the man of the hour on the wall.

Pizza with Chul-wook.

Gyeong-rok posed next to his cutout.

Remember how fancy and clean he looks in this tuxedo.

The hall was filled with tables covered in free food and alcohol.

Gyeong-rok and the emcee talk on stage.


Then Galaxy Express played. Their first two songs were Ramones covers.

Getting ready to join in.

Shaking his ass, but thankfully not baring it yet.

Here's how the place looks from upstairs.

Next it was time for Kingston Rudieska.

And then Gyeong-rok came back.

Oh no, are they going to....

Dancing in the street?

Alright, here's Amsterdam Faya Allstars.

Their keyboardist is the most relaxed-looking musician I've ever seen on stage.

For them, this is as close as he got.

Smoking a cigar onstage for the next act.

Now here's actual Crying Nut. I missed however they demolished the birthday cake.

It was extremely slippery up there.

A mop did very little.

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