Abandoned Neighbourhoods

I took just one picture in Soulkee's old neighbourhood before we moved on.

The other place had an evictee protest at a nice building about ten storeys tall.

The stairs to the roof were interesting.

The part she's on is retractable.

The roof had a pretty good view.

There's the urban renewal part.

Never noticed this before. Apparently it's called Hyosajeong, and reading about it, this is far from its original location, from where Nohan was "able to see his fatherí»s grave in Gaeseong to the North" from here.

Dawoon doesn't seem afraid.

There were evictee flags up here.

Paul pointed out that it would be difficult for drivers to see this billboard, unless the trees in front of it are less prominent than they look.

This area used to seem pretty nice, sealed off by that ridge from the rest of Gangnam.

Down in the neighbourhood, we saw lots of interesting shadows on the construction blankets.

This one is a three-exposure panorama.

We found this one building behind a yellow blanket that glowed with its colour.

An old door of a style with much more tradition than this building.

Paul looks down at me from the roof.

Dawoon's white jacket was photogenic here.

A rose for an empty room.

Anyway, more blankets.

Evictee sign.

Jeong-woo wanted to transform into a robot but all he got was a light foot massage.

This building turned out to be very interesting.

Does anyone remember Turtle Kind's Last Supper?

I like the detail on their feet.

Seems like a good place to go skateboarding.

Soundproofed room.

Exercise time.

This looks like it may have previously been a gun emplacement.

They would've been in a good location overlooking the river and facing north.

This observation deck, not so much.

Pretty good view.

Same view in panorama. Full-size here.

We didn't find Soulkee's cats, but we found this one very friendly cat, and I still had two cans of Fancy Feast.

One cat led to two.

Led to three.

Led to four.

A boy came along who seemed to be taking care of them shortly after this.

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