Find the Cat

Interesting fence detail. Mongol?

This is Soulkee's old home.

Here's Soulkee's door. He still has a Couchsurfing sticker on it.

This is the poster for his missing cat.

He set a trap on the roof.

Cat goes in, presses that little ramp, shuts door behind.

Here's the view from his roof.

Zoomed out.

Lots of little parking lots down here.

And Soulkee's roof has some pretty freaky stuff on it.

This place across the alley has enough of a gap in the blanket for a cat to get through.

A Canadian cat?

Here's another animal I found.

And another.

This parking lot used to have two or three buildings on it. They were the third abandoned area I ever explored in Korea.

Abandoned couch.

I think the cat would probably consider this parking lot and maybe even this abandoned house to be territory.

Hopefully the guard dog's gone.

Old steps are concrete art.

Someone's bike. I see brakes so not a fixie.

Another blocked-off home.

Soulkee's building.

I can't read that.

James Dean women's underwear?

Dismembered black mannequins?

Stiff fine for dumping.

Playschool still active.

Nope, not active.

Active guard dog.

A neat old Hanok.

This cat leapt into the yard and when I said something, it started rolling around in the dirt. Must also be a lost cat.


This place isn't doing well.

This weird isolated staircase used to be part of one of the buildings I explored back in 2005.

This parking lot is what I explored back then.

Another cat slips under here.

There's the navy hotel where I attended a wedding eleven years ago. It was from up there at the railing that I spotted this area originally.

Flowers for some reason.

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