Random Stuff on the Road

Just some public art I saw on my way to the next place.

Odd how they actually look like they could be Korean.

Over by Sangsu Station, there's a banner for David Bowie.

The National Assembly from the mainland. Are they building an overpass, or has that been halted?

I really like this kind of mural on otherwise dull infrastructure. Also, it hasn't been spoiled with actual graffiti.

Tenderloin Tunnel.

I like this city built on stairs. Really reminds me of Seoul.

This alley had a ton of these machines, which I'm guessing are for roadwork. I would've stayed and photographed more but there were a lot of workers around.


A nice vantage point by the river.

This would've been even nicer if it weren't for the trees. This was at least a ten-second exposure, so those two lanes down there were not moving at all.

This is back at my own home.

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