Under the Cop Titan

As best as I can tell, the plan is to make this into a park next to Donuimun New Town.

Real cops.

There's the cop titan.

Just a relocation sign for the pharmacy.

Window-shopping prosthetics.

Interesting how the banner is on a first(well, last)-name basis with the mayor.

When I first saw the guy up there, I thought his 3D maneuver gear malfunctioned or ran out of gas.

There's a second one too. I think he's a chef.

Stop the World.

Interesting image.

There's the cop titan. Usually his legs aren't easily visible.

This still-active LP bar looks pretty cool.

The evictee fortress is on top of this building.

Somehow this image reminded me of the starving African kid crawling from a vulture.

The area has been worked over by someone.

Other places have less damage.

There are several tight alleys around here.

I took this one just to show, yes there are typical abandoned buildings here and you can get inside. Probably the least interesting part of the area though.

Back at the LP Bar.

So is the cop titan.

I'd heard a report demolition had started here, but it took out a small block and halted.

Here is the excavator, looking kind of impatient.

Is that a Jeju black pig? The sign doesn't seem to say so.

Just as I was about to leave, I turned back and got this view.

Down on the main street again.

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