Abandoned Neighbourhood

A big fence was put up around the whole property, so we had to get a little creative. On the bright side, once inside, we were all alone.

Javin has to jump down off a six-foot wall.

Here's a way out through the fence. An unlocked combination lock is enough to lock it from the other side, but not ours.

Head Nation, an interesting unintentional callback to Wangsimni New Town, which I'd nicknamed "Hair Town."

There was one van down there. Was there someone in it? More to come later.

A cobbler.

A nice big tree in the middle.

This alley is clogged up with debris.

Who's down there? Guard dogs?

They definitely weren't guarding anybody or anything.

Another suitcase...chilling.

A couple views looking this direction.

I followed the dogs down into the maze of old homes, but they escaped through a series of dog holes, literally "gae-gu-meong" in Korean.

Sunset is coming and the temperature is getting worse.

Looks like we found either a fortune teller or a small temple. What kind of name is Jang-goon Bo-sal?

The interior was heavily hit by black mold.

I was unable to get a better picture of this.

Roof detail.

And more roof detail.

Looking uphill.

Time to head out.

I think we came from somewhere over here.

A throne.

So the van was totally busted.

Probably dumped here after a collision.

I love squid ink as much as the next guy but it comes in a bottle like this?

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