Yongsan Disaster 7th Anniversary

From the front steps of Yongsan Station, we could see the protesters on the former spot of Namildang.

Here's closer. Apparently my boss lives in one of the three apartment buildings.

Protesters hold signs admonishing Kim Seok-ki, the then-police chief who is now seeking to run in the April election as part of the dictator party.

A couple more angles.

And closer. Right after taking this, a photographer behind me asked me to move.

Here is a shrine to the five evictees who died in the Yongsan Disaster.

Looking back toward Yongsan Station and the ongoing construction on the former red-light district.

They've been increasingly moving dirt around. Something might actually be starting here.

A small police presence, only a fraction the size of the protest.

Time to haul ass. If they do this every year, I'll be back next year.

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