Following up on a tip, I returned to the site of Yongsan Disaster to find an excavator moving dirt around. I'm told that more excavators have appeared since then too.

Flowers are attached to the fence where Namildang used to be.

Previously it was just brownfield, but now it's dirt that's been moved around. Progress?

From above, it looks more like the crater in Yongsan Railyard.

Are these common here?

A look under the surface. Interesting that the sedimentary layers seem to have been intact.

Indiana Jones is somewhere around here.

The only structures built on the Yongsan 4 area: two temporary buildings for showhomes.

New construction nearby.

More flowers, in front of the outline of a former building.

The poster about the disaster, showing the five civilian victims, as well as Kim Seok-ki behind bars.

A better look at the showhomes, showing one tempting ladder.

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