Kyung Hee University Natural History Museum

This image reminded me of The Beast and the Sovereign (not totally SFW).

A very outdated concept of dinosaurs, by about 30 years.

Led by the viking Carl Sagan.

Yes, this natural history museum has the Tower of Babel.

And angels. Also, he's thinking, not in agony.

A look at the future.

Their faces say it all.

The basis for this page's handsome new banner.

Yeah, this is in our future.

A better image of the angels wall.

Did you know? Dokdo belongs to Korea.

The jarred fish here is one of the museum's most prized exhibits, as the species has been eaten to extinction.

The museum also has a mermaid.

The butterfly floor.

The bird floor.

The cutest animal here, the Eurasian scops-owl!

Dramatic rabbit.

Kind of goofy looking tigers.

Imagine if after your death, your body were frozen in combat with your arch enemy.

Time to get out of there.

The "cathedral" of KHU.

Good luck reading this.



Time for some Chicken Toilet.

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