Abandoned Neighbourhood

Waiting at the subway station.

Up the hill, there's a warning not to go this way.

We decided to enter the area this way, where there was a cat.

This place is just full of sketchy ladders.

And sketchy stairs.

Looks like a yangban?

In this place we disturbed a mother cat and her kittens, who all ran away from their mom when they saw us.

I was asked to stand in there for a picture. It damn well better have come out.

Another crazy two-storey structure.

This place is still active, and the green blanket is how they get to their door.

This picture is two photos stitched together.

Apparently last time someone was watching us from that road.

Very narrow roof stairs with no railing anymore.

Relaxing on the roof.

Deep in conversation.

The long way around.

Weird paint job.

There are those chairs again.

We're rich!

Back to around where we began.

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