A Very Merry Host Christmas 2015

We met on the steps of Yongsan Station, that didn't fail to entertain us this time.

I was trying to explain to Amy she was standing inside the reservoir tip.

You can figure out what it really says if you look at the first picture again.l

Railroad kitty.

It was hard getting everyone over the train crossing.

A quick view into the railyard, still looking like usual.

Time to go underground.

We stopped to get set up and smash camera gear right in the entrance.

Michael is human.

Ryan strikes a pose.

Team 2 arrives.

Santa gets pyrotechnic on your ass.

Paul and Minhee are sent out to blow stuff up.

Trouble lighting the thing.

There it goes.

First attempt at light-painting words.

Second try is more complete, less readable.

This time was just blowing stuff up.

One of the flashlights was super strong.

Time for more Roman candles.

Time for less.


Paul strikes a pose.


This may have been Santa's duel with the Juge.

The tunnel got Seouled.

Or just trolled.

The remaining pictures are badly blurred group shots.

Part 2 gets a little X-rated. Click through for a very merry Christfuck.

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