Seoul Skygarden Open Day

A view of the bridge from farther away.

Up close.

You can see people up there.

A blue taxi?

The overpass from the other side.

And the pink lines show you the detour direction.

Interesting that the eastern entrance is right in front of anti-Skygarden banners.

From one crosswalk, they gated off the middle of the road. Not a very practical solution that I hope isn't something we'll have to get used to in the long run.

Circles everywhere.

From the former north offramp, I could see the structure best.

The circles I'd previously seen as faint outlines in the road were now filled in.

And people were painting their own messages or art over top.

I saw lots of kids playing some sort of tag-related game involving circles. Also worth noting, the people on the left with the big bag were handing out Santa hats.

Lots of weird bike things around the middle.

Is this a ride? They don't seem to be moving.

Oh, they're watching these people sing.

Why was the light on these people so good?

This guy looks awesomely grumpy.

That would be interesting if the bridge becomes a park for walking large dogs.

Good choice of horned hat for today, little girl.


Old woman and little dog in costume.

There was a table with books near the west end, which is probably where she got this.

They had this weird tree thing there.

People were coming up through these two ramps.

Time to head back.

A walking bus stop?

The fuzz!

The view over the side is still impressive.

Someone with a little more talent must have done these.

These heater things were set up all along the bridge.

Looking toward Namdaemun.

I took a similar picture with the balloon out of the way, but this one just looks more interesting with it.

More or less here it is without the balloon.

That's an interesting machine they're on.

More of that weird circular tag game.

I think this dog was ready to take a crap.

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