Hardcore and Resist at Take-Out Drawing

The first band I think was Tapeape.

Man he is skinny.

I really don't know if they switched to the next band or just kept going without the lead singer.


Dongwoo seemed to keep forgetting he was in the band too and just watch the lead guitarist.

The bass goes AWOL.

Fine, he heads back into the action.

Next band was Cockrasher, who we could rely on to have a set longer than five minutes.

I managed to get my speedlight working.

The washroom had some pretty bizarre graffiti. Is that Hitler giving birth to twins of himself?

Even though they were the only "punk" band there, the crowd was really into them.

Abandoned US military property behind the venue.

Here's Find the Spot.

Everyone was drinking wine tonight. It was also probably the soberest show I've seen in a long time.

Jihoon's turn to monologue.

He thanked this guy, who is involved in the venue.

He noticed me taking the picture then tried to look natural, then made this horrified face.

This act I'm just guessing was Sokgch.

I told Jeong-woo, "I just saw some hired goons." He believed me and seemed concerned, and I told him they wrecked the drums.

The right choice to get rid of the scum is Scumraid.

I guess I see it.

Yoong-gwang really liked this chair and spent most of the rest of the night in it.

The roof has a good view of Hannam.

Time for Scumraid.

Still there.

I got a copy of Juyoung's book.

The last act was Agari.

Maybe I was the only one who was relatively sober?

An Agari Christmas.

Garrett had to work until late Christmas Eve. Not that I pity him so much, as I worked the next day 2:30 to 10:30.

Where'd everyone go?

Good way to cool off.

Finally got my speedlight working again.

Well, he didn't draw blood.

Show's over.

Juyoung is an angel, apparently.

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