Seoul Station Overpass

First I went to the pedestrian walkway just past the eastern ramp.

In the opposite direction is this overpass, which I doubt is going to disappear anytime soon.

Having hopped the fence, I'm inside the overpass area.

Looks like there were plans for a ceremony sometime soon.

This is what happens when my tripod slips.

This light was flashing, and it can continue on as it's powered by a solar panel on top.

This sign indicates the closing day was December 13, earlier today.

Just a little up from the eastern ramp, there's a part that juts out that was originally a ramp that I think brought cars toward the Times building. Or toward Namdaemun, though that doesn't seem remotely as useful.

The bus area was pretty active.

When all the buses start moving there are a lot of colours.

The overpass is still quiet.

The Hilton Church.

Looking toward the Times.

Seoul Station old and new.

Sungnyemun was switched off for the night.

Old Seoul Station switches off a couple minutes before midnight.

A train was helpful enough to light the railyard.

Dropping the camera helped.

Another train.

This seems to be a place where there have been many deaths.

I was surprised to find out that the overpass has bridge rooms. Each of the three western-facing ramps had one. This is just small enough and just birdshit-filled enough that you would not want to climb inside.

There is still art on the bridge from I think one of the earlier car-free events. Seems to be signed mainly by universities.

Heading back.

Looking back.

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