Second Saturday

Jeff and Trash with Stephen.

The Geeks played after the documentaries.

Next was Streetguns, my first time seeing them.

That can't be light.

Slightly better exposure, less exciting.

Now here's ...Whatever That Means.

I just realised that Bialy has played two farewell shows for two of his bands in the past month.

He looks like a garden gnome in this picture.

Now here's Max Reynolds.

Channeling Jerry Only?

A crane machine.

A soju still.

I left my camera in a washroom, and when I came back to get it 20 minutes later, it had disappeared. Just as I started to think about replacing it, JP found out someone turned it in to the Channel1969 owner. The people who found it, I just discovered, took some of their own pictures.

I can't remember if I took this or them, but it looks like me.

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