Western Seoul

Lots of stairs.

I don't recall this park being here last time I visited.

The entrance to the Geumhwa apartments is closed, but not well.

As soon as that guy cleared out of the way, I was up.

It's just a big flat open mountain peak.

No sign of the footprint of either building remains.

A nice view of the mountains, with the city wall lit up by the sunlight.

Looks like this is the plan, build a park.

The gate from the other side.

Nearby, I found a rapidly disappearing abandoned neighbourhood.

I was surprised when I discovered what was next door: one of the better known universities.

That one house has a door and steps left.

Now the blue hour approaches. I had to get up on a roof to see it.

There's Hongdae.

Blue hour.

God hates bags.

Bikeshare stations have popped up all over.

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