Iman's League in Korea

We got there in time for the Kitsches, having sadly missed Full Garage.

The lighting here was best suited for the drummers. You'll see a lot of drummer pictures tonight.

And a few of Jaehyeon spazzing out.

Next, ...Whatever That Means, with Jeff and Bialy standing on the wrong part of the stage.

Trash was too forward for the good lighting as well.

And as always, the drumkit was perfectly illuminated. Wait, is he winking at Trash?

Trash moved back and spent enough time in this kind of lighting, which I'll take.

From behind, this guy looks kind of like if Paul and Verv reproduced. Sorry if you're that guy and you were wondering why I kept taking your picture.

Now here's Iman's League.

The crowd there was in an elevated mood.

This is Iman with the long sideburns.

Adjusting the cymbal gave some very interesting illumination.

Trash began using her phone as a light source to lightpaint people.

Cumbersome, Trash. A tongkat narsis would greatly improve this technique.

Dominika carefully illuminated her face so I could take her picture. Well, what other reason would she be checking her phone for?

Lots of clapping and Trash using her camera setup.

This was how they crossed the finishing line.

Let's try one more time, Dominika.

Now there is samgyeopsal.

Walking home, I passed by a hemp port.

And a black power sale.

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