I came across a few buildings that had mostly been evicted.

There was a lot of furniture in the street.

And even a keyboard.

The table is obviously not genuine mother-of-pearl, but those pictures below the mirror are nice, if probably not worth much.

I didn't disobey here.

This sign seems to say they're going to receive some sort of appraisal of their assets.

Something about not getting a fair deal compared to what they expected.

Don't throw trash here, and something about not being sorry if trash is secretly dumped here.

Oh yeah, I was planning to turn the next two pictures into a 3D image.

Due to the "crappy" proportion rate of the previous asset valuation, we can't make demands.

Friendly neighbourhood alley fridge.

Anyway, here's a view from a roof.

That's an impressive view, at least to me.

A closer look at that road.

There's a small market down there.

This is more the direction of the place where I started.

Back this way now.

Starting to get darker.

This is what this roof is like. Pretty nice.

As it gets darker, I start to see shapes in the buildings down there.

Lights are turning on.

And car lights too.

Look what happens when a police car with flashing blue and red lights drives by.

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