The police are stationed outside of Jogyesa, where a labour activist with a warrant out on his head is seeking sanctuary.

Meanwhile, across the street, an entirely different kind of crime is taking place.

And up the street, a third type of crime is taking place. This empty lot has been fenced off for at least three years now, so what is going on? It's not like land that connects with the main alley of Insadong is a small matter.

Over at the front gate of Changdeokgung.

Overlooking the Empty Embassy Compound.

And there's Insadong.

There's the temple.

There's the Constitutional Court, in front of my neighbourhood. I think I can see my window.

Overlooking the girls' schools.

My mom was asking recently about the brown building with pink window frames recently.

Pretty strange design of this school.

Closer look at the court.

And the neighbourhood next to it.

And the empty lot adjacent to Insadong.

And a closer look at the edge of the Empty Embassy Compound.

There's that one building foundation remaining.

Looking toward Gwanghwamun.

This car just drove through the schoolyard.

I got to a better position to reshoot this.

And the intersection.

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