Second Saturdays

Let's start with Octopoulpe.

Basically it's a live drummer performing with a projection plus audio. There was an impressive selection of contributing musicians, though I didn't recognise any of the non-Korean ones.

One of the worst things to run into in the alleys of Seoul.

Here's Trash so this must be the Kitsches.

Levitating microphone?

Thank you for that face.

And that T-rex imitation.

Now time for the power of ...Whatever That Means.

And more Trash.

Here's The Brigade, playing I think their first show.

The one most interesting change from their previous bands I found was Janghyup's posture.

I might get punched in the arm for this, but...Scream mask.

Jongo needs more attention.

Mr Headbutt sets up.

Redboi glowers outside.

Makgeolli man!

Show starts.

I got a lot of pictures of Jeff with flower head.

And decent ones of this guy.

Clayton was always in the wrong place, lit too harshly.

In this one he reminds me of those Star Trek aliens in the episode with Mark Twain with the orifice in their heads where they receive glowy orbs.

Clayton's forehead is looking a little Star Trek alieny.

Trash comes to feed him.

Jeff dances for his amusement, but Clayton cares not.

Now he has a sticker for a beard.

Outside, the Makgeolli man tries to sell to Indonesians.

And there's an afterparty.

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