The police were mobilised all around my neighbourhood.

My first stop was Unhyeonggung where a lot of police were waiting to move.

I wish I framed this better.

And this one.

Time to move.

Swapping places I guess.

Nearby, here are some of the protesters.

I wonder how long that's been there.

Some of the roads were closed for the demonstration.

Here they come.

I took to higher ground to get out of the way and take better pictures.

An anti-state-textbook leaflet.

They marched up to the light and stopped for traffic.

More were still piling in.

There were lots of workers around to clean up.

Over by Seoul Plaza.

There was some sort of performance going on over there.


Time to get somewhere higher.

The demonstrators were moving on from this point already.

The last of them stream out.

This street is filled. Also, I hadn't noticed the Kia protester on top of the billboard to the right.

This is the direction the march is moving.

A closer look at the protesters lined up in that one street.

And city halls.

Here's Deoksugung.

Last line out.

My mom was asking about the fall flowers and I didn't know about them, but here they are.

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