Abandoned Neighbourhood

The first building we entered was a church.

Here's the main room.

The roof had a pretty good view.

There's the temple on the left, still active as best as I can tell.

Some play equipment on the roof.

I think this picture was in the abandoned yeogwan.

This space between buildings was in bad shape.

Then an old man came in and yelled at us so we got the hell out of there. We put some distance between us, going high up into the neighbourhood.

Laughing alone is only half the joy. Joy really requires others.

That explains the feeling of this place, I guess.

Lonely roof tree.

You can see the rain here, especially if you look at the gaping windows in the middle building.

Lots of nice trees here.

This house that we'd already passed had books in the attic.

Lonely trampoline.

Everything's been demolished around this one tree.

I had to step inside to clean the raindrops off my camera.

We got inside the book house but couldn't find a way to the attic.

There was another section at the bottom of a hill from this area, wedged between the abandoned neighbourhood and the neighbouring new complex, so it probably can't be sustained here even if they don't redevelop.

More rain damage. Or at least I hope that's rain.

The sunniest picture I took all weekend.

I believe I visited there when it was an abandoned neighbourhood a couple years ago.

This rooftop house was exposed to the elements.

Lots of books.

Still active.

The following are mini-panoramas.

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