Halloween at AA

Backstage with the Food for Worms guys.

Now he's really scared.

Less scary because you can't even see Kyle.

Halloweenifying the place.

This is the free alcohol provided. Mostly red wine, with miscellaneous other alcohol and some fruit juice. Basically a back alley sangria.

The Invisible Man takes selfies.

I'm glad I got these pictures because my pictures of their set didn't work out.

My pictures of Dead Chunks also weren't great.

I brought along a bag of North Korean candy I brought back from Pyongyang in 2010 and haven't done anything with in years. They were reviewed more positively than I was expecting.

Acid Party, a new band with a couple Yuppie Killers and a Gonguri drummer.

So is Iain wearing an actual costume of something?

Next is Yuppie Killer.

Flash or no?

Bomi showed up husbandless.

Is this guy bugging you?

I'm guessing he was told he'd need a costume on his way to the show?

Now here's MyManMike.

I asked these two guys to pose together and they both responded the same way.

Finally got them to pose together for one picture, with a third ginger beard thrown in for good measure. But Clayton really doesn't look like them.

Polish invasion.

Don't you hate it when a bug gets stuck on the window and can't find the way out?

Getting more mystery juice.

Another picture with him.

Clayton and Kyle, possibly another meeting of two similar people. But instead of looking identical, these two are similar for having started punk bands in Daegu. I think if we see more of both around, I'll start to mix them both up.

I think this is Le crabe.

Poor shirt dogs.

Oh Baeng hung out at the door.

Now here's Food for Worms playing in Seoul for the first time.

It was extremely hard getting pictures of all the white without overexposing.

Kyle's beard tries to escape.

It's okay to cry a little on Halloween if you're too scared.

It looks like a gothy dress without the penguin head.

Mohawk Amy.

I wish I ever got a better picture of the girl on the right.

Suddenly this weird camera crew entered for a brief time.

Oh look, there's a band. I like how nobody else cares that there's this weird spectacle happening.

The Food for Worms guys.

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