Halloween Show I

First band I saw was Shining Cocks.

The annoying lasers do a lot of weird things to people's faces, such as this laser Hitler moustache.

Or this third eye.

Hey, no more cast!

Maybe he just does have a permanent third eye.

This guy showed up to inject some energy into the show.

Green Flame Boys.

Gicheol looks like he's musing some unfortunate life choices he made that brought him here.


Finally, another costume. Or are we at one of those hardcore shows again?

The green guy takes the stage.

He looks a little scared.

Clayton's costume involves destroying a dress shirt.

Even the garbage bags got in the spirit of the holiday.

Street food nearby.

The last band was Yokay Ingan, who look like just a bunch of normal guys...

Except with this guy.

He was lured back by the call of the dancefloor.

Yang Jeonghyeon took over on base, making this his third set in a row (out of four tonight).

These pictures show how the makeup is being rubbed off by sweat and friction.

Hair moustaches.

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