This was spotted lurking in the trees by Gyeonghuigung.

The back section of Gyeonghuigung.

This could lead into the bunker.

Looking back on the palace.

Way down through the trees I found a pumpkin patch.

Over by Jongmyo, there was a lot of activity.

They're more lively than they look.

Coming back at night, when nobody was around, I was able to look into the Jongmyo square under construction.

And fully leap the fence.

There's a big wide open area leading to the front gate of Jongmyo.

A closer look at the old bridge.

And a haechi.

The trees must be transplanted here.

Ghostly self portrait.

It turned out the fence wasn't all that big on the north end, so I never had to jump anything at all.

The underground parking lot is still active.

So...when is it supposed to be complete? In three languages. Either end of July, September, or November.

The Korean side is just censored.

At home with Buster.

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