Cop Day Night

It was totally a coincidence we went to a restaurant named "Burning Pig."

It's been a while since I saw toilet paper hanging from the wall. Old school.

Standing inside the tunnel entrance.

We pulled back the curtains and stepped inside. Surprisingly, the freshest smelling underground river I've ever been in.

This looks to me like someone thought that netting looked like hair and tried to make a face framed by it. Probably pareidolism though.

Looking back the way we came.

Originally when we shined our lights down the tunnel, we could see a bright spot in the distance we all thought could be the exit. It was just a sign on a wall.

On the inside of the curtains.

The park out front is nice but far from suitable for people to visit.

Jeong-woo tries to mimic the graffiti.

Ha-kyung may still be trapped down there.

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