The Browns

On the usual roof where I start downtown tours.

We followed this cat, only to catch it peeing.

Chani bought this Hanbok shirt in Insadong.

Walking through Pimatgol.

The area next to the construction site in Insadong, which just expanded.

Chinese tourists got in our way at Cheonggyecheon.

The police were out but not in large numbers.

Videoing the protest.

Here are the protesters, who are defending the government's history-revising textbooks in order to oppose North Korea.

Right-wing protesters aren't as inherently dangerous as left-wing protesters, so they get fewer cops. Or as I look at it, the legitimacy and urgency of your cause can be estimated based on the number of riot police you get. Sort of the same principle as your house party or punk show is only as good as the number of cop cars you get coming by.

Regrouping after the right-wing protest, and before the left-wing one (though I didn't photograph the Sewol sit-in).

When I saw this I knew I had to pose for a picture here.

KCSI costumes. Never encountered these in public before.

Tyler's dad poses next to the CSI bus.

Right before we're invited inside to see what it's like.

Happy 70th birthday cops!

Yet another weird mascot named after Dori.

This is also why the cop cars here always have their lights flashing. They want you to be aware of them, not lurk in hiding until they can catch you committing a ticketable offence.

Tour officially ends at the palace, which is shut down for the day for some reason.

"I like to fart on the first date."

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