Fanzui Xiangfa at Jarip HQ

We only arrived in time to see Dead Gakkahs.

Drinking water this way is a skill.

She posed for me.

The next band I photographed after that was Fanzui Xingfa.

This guy was in the best position to photograph all night.

Daesoop is back from the army, but he still always reminds me of a pumpkin.

Fenton and Ziru are also back in Korea.

Last band was ATF (Asocial Terror Fabric?).

Everybody's checking phones.

A bottle of makgeolli fell off an amp and may have almost damaged some equipment. I didn't think it was my fault but I couldn't rule it out, so I decided to replace it.

Leftovers from Lowrise.

The lights were turned on at the end of the set.

But they still did an encore anyway.

Outside on the street.

Then we went to a nearby restaurant.

Jinyong looks passed out.

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