Fanzui Xiangfa at Yogiga

The first band I managed to see was Chain Reaction.

Everyone was excited to see Nevin again.

And Yumi was there too.

Next band was Seoul Dolmangchi.

Hong Gu's shadow will never not look like Darth Vader.

The Makgeolli Man had stopped right just before they began.

Pretty entertaining facial expression. I'd feel worse if he hadn't held it for half a minute. Then again, there's nothing wrong with facial expressions.

And time to go outside again.

Next band was the Kitsches.

He's ready to take his ball and go home.

Changeun intervenes.

Did he get hair implants or something? Suddenly his hair looks pretty thick again.

There could be photoshop possibilities later.

This show and especially this set had a lot of great goofy faces.

Outside again.

Now here's Adam with Fanzui Xiangfa.

And there's Nevin, who sometimes I accidentally make look shorter than he is.

I made their singer look tall.

There was some doctor there whose name I can't repeat on Facebook.

Drinking beer with a straw. Who was it who invented that again?

One normal looking picture.

To make up for this one.

Kitsches setlist.

Now Adam looks kind of like he's going to cry.

Selfie time.

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