Kingston Rudieska at Mu:Con

Nock-won swears to tell the whole truth.

The DDP is an odd setting for a show like this. Clearly not built with this type of event in mind.

He was the best positioned throughout. Or maybe I was.

Walter joined them for one song.

I didn't get that many acceptable pictures of Walter though.

Lots of people were sitting on the stairs outside the paid zone.

Yeah, not bad view.

Probably not a great view.

Better view.

I've never seen traffic so bad here. At least not from above.

Funny-looking UFO landing pads.

Admiring the clothes at the Uzbek restaurant.

Walter is the first person I've seen try the robes on. They look small on him.

A couple other restaurant patrons joined him.

Time for food.

A different event, the Arirang Festival in Gwanghwamun. Only one picture due to it being a cold rainy night.

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