Under Seoul

I found this mildly tempting underground river entrance.

One of many access points along the way. Not my favourite.

It'll do.

They have a long way to go here.

The other way.

Why "No approaching"? I don't like to second-guess warning signs I don't understand.

These ones in contrast are easy to figure out.

Yes, yes, walking down here is going to turn me into a hunchback.

Finally, some tunnel.

Pretty small station platform. The trains here are going to be tiny.

Further this way, it gets dark. I bet we could find some tunnel-boring machines this way.

Looking back the way we came.

Yeah, I'm not going all the way into the dark without backup.

A bouquet of flowers.

This looks sort of like florae.

Back to the train station.

Time to head up.

Oh yeah, I came up through that.

Time to watch my head again.

Out in a random valley, I found ladders.

It looks like they're extending the elevated road.

Probably the least stable thing I've ever climbed.

I like that symbol.

Tunnel uphill, bridge downhill.

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