Looks like someone here also went to the New Generation of Ska Fest.

Some of my earliest memories of Korea take place in this room.

Yes, Suwon also has crazy Christians.

And abandoned neighbourhoods.

This place was Ryan B's favourite place in the area.

I was not expecting there to be no change since my last visit. Well, okay, one change: every single person I went here with has since left Korea. But no more buildings have been destroyed, and the big hill where they demolished another neighbourhood hasn't changed.

Click for full size.

It was extremely overgrown.


A smaller house.

Nik opened one door and found a room full of toys.

Wow, if this Titanic movie is anything like Aliens, T2, and True Lies, it's bound to be awesome.

So this is where Santa goes in the off season.

We found a building booger by the gate. Nik touched it and it was rock solid.

This light looks neat, but I bet it was way too bright when in use.

Less significant looking from directly below.

An interesting naturalistic painting of Korean totem poles, something usually not rendered this style.

The graffiti against Sohhee is still there.

Next to the entrance to the red-light district is this interesting mural.

We had supper here of course.

As soon as this truck parked across the street, it was too narrow for vehicles to get by so Nik kept having to move.

Stupid nightclub.



A lot of cardboard.

I think this street has been beautified since I first started coming here.

The train back to Seoul.

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