Nightmare Lab

Let's just jump right to the Nightmare Lab.

This frog died in 1957.

There's mirror universe Nik, who has a goatee and is left-handed.

I think this is the only wallpapered room in the whole building.

Now for a look at the stuff by the window.

I really don't know what this is.

Tadpoles to frogs or whatever.


Up on the top floor, we found this door banging in the wind.

Still a few more door sounds.

Is it ahead of us or behind us?

This big metal door was making a lot of noise. We solved that one with a cinder block, hopefully.

A nearby urban garden.

Another abandoned building on the property.

As we started to see more people, we began admiring the vegetation rather than the buildings.

Why not both?

Most of the buildings around here were in use or sealed up, except this.

No clue what it is. The machine that removes cat neural systems from their bodies?

The chair where they are lured and trapped?

I wish it focused on Nik rather than the machine.

Most of the doors around here are intended to keep us out. This one looks like it's intended to keep something in.

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