Yongma Land

They were sweeping that car out for some reason.

The viking ship.

Drinking and driving is so much fun.

These girls have a pretty sweet ride.

Last time I was here, they had the dinosaur hanged here.

The famous disco ride.

The less famous train.

Yes, even here ACAB.

There's that dinosaur.



Is she looking at us?

That's a lot of cameras.

There were two wedding photo shoots going on here.

Sumi gets in this ride.

Then James tilts things a bit.

What is that supposed to be?

Lots of dinosaurs.

A monkey driver.

Nik slays the dragon.

And here's where we filmed another drone video.

Meanwhile there were people all around us doing stuff.

And rides doing nothing.

I had to escape the roof because a bee was after me.

Not sure their excuse.

Oh right, pictures.

I went back up and got this picture of these two.

Then the bee came back and I went down to this crashed helicopter.

Cosplayers everywhere.

And non-real people.

The lights were starting to come on.

We left to check out this old sledding hill. Not much to see.

But there's a cat!

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