Magok Wasteland

We first head in.

Climbing a crane is easier when it's on the ground.

That hook is pretty heavy.

We had to wait for two other members of our group.

I climbed around to find a better place to see them.

Emilie followed, and the other two guys wandered off.

Emilie wandered off.

Is that a fossil?

There are the other two.

They're building an underground stream through the area.

Soon there will be no aboveground stream, which will be sad for all the birds in the area.

Five synchronised dancers.

Lots of algae on the water.

Our destination in the distance.

This place which I'm guessing is an old pumping house is the location for one seriously messed up torture porn video.

Here's what it looks like underneath.

Now that it's dried up, we can walk down here, with only some fear of sinking through the silt.

Someone planted tomatoes out front.

And in this tunnel, someone planted mung beans.

And in this tunnel, someone planted Emilie.

And Jeong-woo and Moon-jeong.

Heading downstairs.

Walking across rebar isn't always fun.

Too bad we walked back so quickly.


Back to the wood building to find the others.

How do you think this land was created? Most likely dumped and allowed to settle I think.

If soldiers walk under guns or swords at their wedding, is this how a construction worker's wedding would look?

Further in the distance, it got less interesting.

Cutting through the middle.

Want to see a larger panorama?

This is around when we turned back.

That's the direction back to where we started.

Group picture.

Jeong-woo and I took the direct route and the others went around.

Piece of cake.

We found something in the dust.

I'm not a fan of caterpillars but this one was extra cute.

Should we save it?

After dropping it partway, Emilie managed to bring it over to a grassier area where it might be happier.

Emilie climbs a crane.

Jumping down on our way out.

Not today, crane.

From where we were drinking, we could see the Chuseok moon rising.

Where we were drinking.

Then we went to Dongdaemun.

Can't skip Uzbek food on the big holiday.

Looks like this building will reopen next year.

How would there be budae jjigae in Sinuiju? How long were UN troops up there before the Chinese turned the tide? Was it really long enough for North Koreans to learn how to dumpster dive? I say no.

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