Chuseok Day 2

We started this day with a Buster-coloured Chuseok pear.

This road had crumbled away, exposing what's underneath.


A pretty nice view of the area.

Up at the top is this nice road.

Looking down, the houses of this neighbourhood are in bad shape.


Improper placement of roof tiles is always a bad sign for a neighbourhood.

Over there is a more healthy contemporary neighbourhood.

This is the view from where James launched his drone.

Looking out over the area.

James had to go a bit downhill to calibrate the drone.

You can just barely see the moon along the mountain ridge.

Well, no getting in this way.

There's that moon again.

We went out for supper, across the street from this lonely restaurant.

Until James saw what was in the crane machine.

Upper left, there's a mini-drone you can win.

Quite a crowd gathers.

This is highway robbery!

Jumping back inside the apartment complex.

There's Lotte Tower.

One of two possible residents remaining in the area.

From the other side.

These people really don't like living next door. They seem to be worried about some kind of collapse. Maybe when excavation starts.


Time to go marting.

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