Metal Show at Nori Bar

The first band was MyManMike which hadn't played in Korea in over a year.

Next band was Christfuck. Jinyong started off dressed up.

Then the robe came off.

You can probably guess which book he's stomping on.

Here comes the fake blood.

And I hopefully don't have to tell you which book he's using pages of to wipe himself.

The underwear didn't go back up.

He ran outside, Yamagata Tweakster style.

The Jesus is gone from the crucifix. After it fell off, I picked it up and handed it to him, and it went straight up his butt. I went looking for soap and water.

Okay, now all clothes are gone.

Next band was Gonguri.

Gotta love strobelights.

Apparently Iain will be your toilet.

This is Guevnna.

Amy got in the way of my picture of Yongman.

Then she got weirder.

The last band was Zothique.

The next few pictures come from someone grabbing my camera and wandering around. I thought Amy, but maybe Jen?

And the night comes to a close with raw beef.

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