Some demolition over in Euljiro.

There was a labour protest today, so the cops were also out in full force.

I passed by a small cluster of old houses up on the hillside north of Singeumho Station.

Life next to an urban renewal zone.

Getting past the wall was no trouble.

Oh look, a stereo.

Very bright sunlight.

The whole area is gone.

Click for full panorama.

That's an interesting machine.

One lone bush still survives here.

Some of the last demolition of the area.


Meanwhile, over in Geumho 20.

Another dustbowl.

Looking back at the way I came in.

Interesting roof detail.

A room on the rooftop of the community center.

Lots of pictures.

I can't shake the feeling that the picture in the middle is in Kaesong. Probably not though.

Taking the stairs down.

A big mound of dust for you to breathe in.

The war isn't over.

Hey, a bathtub.

Walking along the upper edge.


Time to head back.

How do I get through this gate?

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