New Generation of Ska Fest 3

Here's Beat Bahnhof.

This is more terrifying than it should be.

Rob meets Kingston Rudieska.

I feel like I should know who she is but I can't remember.

Their guitarist looks like he has two heads.

I went up to the roof for food.

It was exceptionally good.

Next was Respects.

Jen wanted to take my picture.

Wehn I saw these pins, I realised that I had bought one of the white Toasters pins way back in the '90s probably. It might still be with me in Korea.

Time for Skasucks.

Somewhere within these next few shots is the contender for the next Broke cover (unless someone gets that damn tattoo finally).

Kyle goes crowdsurfing.

My camera was getting a bit sweaty.

Here's a funny moment. It looks kind of like someone dropkicked that guy's hat off.

Goyang asked me not to post any pictures of her crowdsurfing, which I missed.

They fired her onstage for endangering the keyboard. Any other keyboardists want the position?

Oh, I guess Insoo could do it. You're hired!

Wait, nope, he's doing it too.

Goyang comes back to get her stuff.

Is there room for two keyboardists?

It worked for NCIS.

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