New Generation of Ska Fest 1

We met up the night before for beers with Rob and Beat Bahnhof three members of Beat Bahnhof.

The entrance to EMU was lined with tables selling all sorts of stuff.

The roof had food and beer.

Kyle was looking through the latest Broke and remarked on the images in the SHARP Ink article. I pointed out that the tattooist himself was right behind him.

First band was JohnStockTone. I didn't get many pictures unfortunately.

For the first band, there weren't that many people there yet, but they were starting to arrive.

Next was Pegurians, a band I think is way easier to enjoy when everyone's had a lot more to drink.

There was a second merch table inside, most of the time manned by the Moseses. Also, apparently someone found out Daiso had checkerboard fans for sale.

The lighting system cycled through a variety of patterns, and this blue Star of David features in a lot of my pictures, bathing everything in an Israeli glow.

We headed up to the roof and hung out with members of Beat Bahnhof.

They were impressed with Paul's tabi boots.

The next band was Burning Hepburn.

A whole mess of hair and difficult to see his face.

Applying ear protection.

By now the crowd was pretty into the show.

Looks like Daegu people are here.

There's one white guy who has some pretty weird dance moves.

Is he pretending to be a dinosaur?

Paul found a good place to sit along the stage away from the crowd with a good view of the bands.

My camera fogged up pretty badly.

Without the lens filter.

There's the keyboardist of Burning Hepburn.

Next band was Lazybone.

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