Yet Another Abandoned Neighbourhood

We stopped by this abandoned fortune teller.

I found a picture from the 2010 World Cup. Must've been Korea's game with Nigeria?

Interesting vegetation outside.

Not too sure who he is.

Looks like scavengers started to dig up ondol pipes, then stopped.

Another abandoned cuckoo. Not so different from the last one, but this one I had to pry open.

"There must have been a punk band here."

We stopped by an abandoned playground with a decorative theme of copyright infringement.

Also a bit of a problem with pattern repetition. I think the upper right one is the 1988 Olympics mascot.

Two Poohs.

One cat.

The way into another house.

These pipes look kind of like a hand reaching out.

Busting a move.

Up on the roof.

Light switches.

We found some abandoned alcohol in the trash.

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